creation keeps the devil away - the remixes

1. Burn - Chico Mann Remix
2. Creation Keeps the Devil Away - Jeffrey Jerusalem Remix
3. Go Go Go Go - Wrogn Way Remix
4. Going Looking for the End of the World - Bille Bahncke Remix
5. What's on the Second Floor - Leodoris Remix
6. Burn - Mames Babegenush Remix
7. Call for change - Theodor Clausen Remix
8. Creation Keeps the Devil Away - Youthfaire Remix
9. Going Looking for the End of the World - Kap Ten Kurt Remix
10. Twelve Bells - Boody Remix
11. Creation Keeps the Devil Away - Nikolaj Hess Solo PIano Remix


Release date: July 10, 2012

The recent album "Creation Keeps the Devil Away" - remixed by our friends and heroes.

Artwork by NR2154 / This Is Care Of
Photo by Peter Funch

This Is Care Of / Nublu Records / A:larm Music

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Creation Keeps The Devil Away ?

1. Twelve Bells
2. What's On The Second Floor ?
3. Going Looking For The End Of The World
4. Burn
5. Go Go Go Go
6. Wonder Who You're Singing For
7. Dusty Strings
8. Circling High
9. Creation Keeps The Devil Away


Release Date: October 11, 2011

Produced by Rasmus Bille Bähncke & Mikkel Hess
Featuring: Nomi Ruiz, Bang Chau, Mary Joe Stilp, Michael Hanf, Thor Madsen & Matt Parker.

Artwork by NR2154 / This Is Care Of
Photos by Peter Funch

This Is Care Of / Nublu Records / A:larm / Parte Playbutton

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Piano Waltz
Yes Boss
The magic invention
Glove is in the air
Don't tell
Would would you like to disco?
Rosenkrantz & Gyldenstjerne
In the fridge


Artwork by Tal R.
Graphic design by Jacob Wildschiødtz (NR2154)
Europe, Asia & Australia - release through Music For Dreams
U.S. & Canada - release through Nublu Records

The album was selected to the "Top 10 Best music of 2009 - Time Out Magazine New York"


All the girls - Don't tell - Country Boy

African Bells - I needed the money - I love to forget about myself - Blue Pepper -
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen - Denial is the new confession - Work is the new chill

Never - Ssshhhh - North is the new west, east is the new east - Secret


This album is build in three long parts - exploring the art of denial.
The album features vocals by Sylvia from KUDU, Bang Chau and choir boy Mikkel Hess. One song "Ssshhhh" has also been released seperately in a single edit, and more will follow. Ssshhhh was featured in highest rotation on national danish radio, P3 as "Ugens Uundgåelige" (inevtibale song of the week), and it went straight to top 3 on I-tunes download in Denmark.
Released on Music For Dreams, on CD and all digital platforms worldwide on june 23rd 2008. Cover design by Cyklon, photo by Peter Funch, visual concept by Jacob Wildschiødtz, Missing Pieces and Mikkel Hess.


Wood Wood Intro
Tip Top Dynamo
Piano Waltz
Farfisa Rumba
Yes Boss
In The Fridge
Would Would You Like To Disco


The album was recorded live in concert at the Wood Wood store in Copenhagen in ocotober 2006. The music is mostly new live versions of previously released studio tracks. Yet, the track "Would would you like to disco" is brand new. The police payed a brief visit to the concert, and after that Mikkel Hess announced: "And now we'll do Wood Wood Disco". The following improvisation was later developed into the track as it is found on the album. Limited edition released may 2007. Available only in Wood Wood stores + through Cover design by Wood Wood - Wood blocks by CAN - Photos by Kira Brandt


Rosenkrantz & Gyldenstjerne Er Døde
Swadinanda Janakunda
Post til Nikoo
Fashion Mix
May & Magdi


In the spring of 2006 Mikkel Hess composed music for the play "Rosenkrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead" at the theatre Aveny T. in Copenhagen. For this occation this soundtrack was put together with music from the play + previously unreleased bits & pieces. The title track was written as a requiem for the two main characters of the play, who suffer a tragic death as a result of their poor judgement when they are drawn into the intrigues at the royal castle. Released on Music For Dreams, summer 2006. Cover design by Cyklon


Åben Og Lukket Som En Jørgen
Yes Boss
Farfisa Rumba
Piano Waltz
The Magic Invention From T.D.P.R.C
Captain Europe
Unity Of Mind
Love Me Do


This album for the first time features Mikkel Hess as a vocalist. It also features the vocals of Norweigian / Vietnamese singer Bang Chau on the track Yes Boss. The album as a whole ranges widely from catchy songs like Yes Boss & The Magic Invention to the playfully melancholic instrumentals like Grafolog & Piano Waltz. A clear example of Mikkel Hess?s urge to "stretch the rubberband"..... Released on Music For Dreams, spring 2006. Cover design by Cyklon - Photos by Elizabeth Heltoft


Tip Top Dynamo
I Love My Life
In The Fridge
Glove Is In The Air
Gug Gug Bach
Ding Pong Kling Yang


This is a reissue of the limited edition "The Soundtrack". For the international debut on Music For Dreams Mikkel Hess made some new tracks and additional edits, yet maintaining the overall idea from the original soundtrack. The album features the vocals of Eduarda Fadini (Rio De Janeiro) and Dean Bowman (NYC). The album also features the track "Glove is in the air" which was made in collaboration with composer and saxophonist Niels Vincentz. Released on Music For Dreams, spring 2005. The album was chosen as "Best new name 2006" at Danish Music Award Jazz (Danish Grammy). Cover design by Cyklon - Cover photo by Simon Ladefoged


Tip Top Dynamo
I Love My Life
Willows Weep
Yalla Harp
In The Fridge


This very first Hess Is More album was released as soundtrack for the play "The Wind In The Willows" at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen. Mikkel Hess composed, produced and performed the music for the play, and the music on the album was made as album versions of this work. The album was produced in collaboration with BoinkBox, a Copenhagen based creative collective, that present items within music, film, clothes and print. Limited edition released on BoinkBox, spring 2003. Cover design by Cyklon - Cover photo by Simon Ladefoged