18.09.11 / Seattle ?

Hess & Vibskov Trommefredag Performance October 1st
Nordic Fashion Biennale / Nordic Heritage Museum / Seattle

06.09.11 / Psssst.... ?

04.09.11 / Shopping?

The Hess Is More PLAYBUTTON is now up for preorder here:

And while we are at it, find the new singles "Creation Keeps The Devil Away" + "Burn" worldwide in your favorite digital store.


10.08.11 / 2xQ&A ?


08.08.11 / Special Night(mare) at Cameo Gallery ?

7:30 PM - Doors ?
8:30 PM - Chico Mann
10:00 PM - Hess Is More ?
11:00 PM - SH101 Nightmare

Ok, this is something we have been wanting to do for a while, and here we go!

Our tradition of musical "nightmares" go a while back. Favorite friends & musicians join forces under a certain theme - and here is the flagship! Do you know Roland's classic keyboard SH101?
Well, this time we have 5 of those on stage! We will improvise a set horror afro disco dance - uuuuuuhhhhhhh.....

SH101 Department:
Morgan Wiley (Jessica6 & Midnight Magic)
Rasmus Bille Bähncke (Hess Is More)
Nick Dangerfield
Matt Parker (Hess Is More)

Electric Bass:
Andrew Raposo (Jessica6 & Midnight Magic)

Drum & Percussion Department:
David Mason, Michael Hanf, Martin Vejerano, David Linaburg, Mikkel Hess and?

And of course you don't want to miss Chico Mann at 8:30!!!

And of course of course also make sure to be there for Hess Is More at 10PM. We have some new stuff... and by then end of our set, we will be invaded by the keyboard zombies!


Tickets 8$ at: cameony.com/tickets?/

26.07.11 / Trailerpark Festival in Copenhagen

Only a couple of days away.
We play Main Stage on Friday Night at 02:00.
Check out the program, this festival is really something!

15.07.11 / New Video: Creation Keeps the Devil Away

Exorcism ?

Also featured by Magnet Magazine:

04.07.11 / Pssst... We play an xtra show at Midnight tonight at Kafcafeen in Copenhagen - That makes a tolta of 5 - too much fun ?

22.06.11 / Copenhagen Jazz Festival - Under the influence of director Tue Biering ?


attempting some serious exorcism ? transcending showtime ?

yes, that's right - as part of the copenhagen jazz festival we will play 4 shows in a row on monday july 4th

16:00 - creation keeps the devil away ?
18:00 - creation keeps the devil away ??
20:00 - creation keeps the devil away ???
22:00 - creation keeps the devil away ????

kafcafeen, skindergade 3, københavn


+ nikolajthechamphess?

under the influence of director tue biering ?

mikkel hess & tue biering have collaborated on various projects, including pieces for radio and plays at the royal theatre.
on this occasion, tue will interact with the 7 piece band on the go, evolving through the 4 performances.


in order to make this all day ceremony work, we suggest you reserve a ticket. (100 kr)

send an email to:

please include following info:
your full name
number of tickets you need
time of the show you will be attending

you will then receive a confirmation email with the necessary info

(any remaining tickets will be sold at the door 15 minutes before each show)



02.06.11 / Thanks to all who came out to our shows in DENMARK!!!

Here's a clip from Spot Festival in Århus: